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Learning mathematics is like learning to swim, it requires active learning.

If you want to learn how to swim, you must get into the water.

You cannot learn to swim by watching others.


  • Working with other students in small groups is strongly recommended.
  • In this course, one must actively work many problems, and practice, practice, practice!


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Chapter Topics



 Chapter 1.1  Propositions and Truth Tables

 Chapter 1.2  Conditional Statements and Arguments

 Chapter 1.3  Chapter Review

 Chapter 2.1  Sets and Subsets

 Chapter 2.2  Set Operations

 Chapter 2.3  Venn Diagrams

 Chapter 2.4  Chapter Review

 Chapter 3.1  Trees and Equally Likely Outcomes

 Chapter 3.2  Permutations

 Chapter 3.3  Combinations

 Chapter 3.4  Chapter Review

 Chapter 4.1  Basic Concepts

 Chapter 4.2  Conditional Probability and Independence

 Chapter 4.3  Bayes' Theorem

 Chapter 4.4  Bernoulli Trials

 Chapter 4.5  Chapter Review

 Chapter 5.1  Central Tendency

 Chapter 5.2  Expected Value and Standard Deviation

 Chapter 5.3  Normal Random Variable

 Chapter 5.4  Normal Approx to a Binomial Random Variable

 Chapter 5.5  Chapter Review

 Chapter 6.1  System of Linear Equations in Two Variables

 Chapter 6.2  Matrices and Systems of Linear Equations

 Chapter 6.3  Matrix Notation, Algebra, and Inverses

 Chapter 6.5  Chapter Review

 Chapter 9.1  Transition Matrices

 Chapter 9.2  Regular Markov Chains

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