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"Gas Units Confuse Jimmy"

Due 9:00 AM Friday, January 19, 2001

Jimmy Kimmel was trying to figure out the root mean square speed of a hydrogen molecule for Ben Stein. He came up with an answer of 6.05, to which Ben replied "In what universe?". Ben went on to ask Jimmy whether he had ever had chemistry in high school and asked him what units were appropriate for his answer. After going back to his calculations, Jimmy discovers that his units work out to

He consults with his old chemistry teacher who only gives him the following hints:

1. You used the gas constant with inconvenient units.


2. Do not forget what a Joule is in SI units.

Take over for Jimmy and convert his inconvenient other-worldly answer into units of meters per second so Ben will get off his back.

Don't forget to explain your answer as clearly as possible. Just the correct answer is worth nothing!

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