Welcome to the home page for introductory physics at IUPUI.Comprised of two courses, PHYS152 and PHYS251, this sequence introducesengineering and physical science students to the foundations of classicalphysics: Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, and Optics.

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The courses are taught in a non-traditional manner, combining acollaborative learning environment with extensive use of the world wide web. Our use of the web is twofold. Active learner assignments and enrichment materials are delivered to the students over the web. Most respond to these assignments electronically. In addition, we have adapted a subset of these assignments to provide immediate feedback to the instructors concerning the state of the classes' progress. These assignments, due in the morning a few hours before class, are used to adjust the lecture content to suit the student's needs. We have designated this technique Just-in-Time Teaching.

The faculty at IUPUI are collaborating with faculty at the United States Air Force Academy on this project. We are jointly authoring instructional materials and we are sharing classroom experiences and comparing performance outcomes.

For more details please see our paper.

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