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IUPUI Physics Department
402 N. Blackford St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202


General Information

The IUPUI Physics Department NMR Center is located in LD 058, LD 063, and LD 064, and has access to a biophysics preparatory lab in LD 055, and an optical spectroscopy lab in LD 059.

Operations Director of the NMR Center is Bruce D. Ray, Ph.D. His office is LD 061, although he can usually be found in one of the other rooms. His office phone number is (317)274-6914.

NMR Center Director is Professor B. D. Nageswara Rao.

The NMR Center has two NMR Spectrometers available as follows:

Probes for the Inova-500 are:

Probes for the Unity-300 are:

Both spectrometers are equipped for temperature control

The VT range of the standard PFG probe for the Inova-500 is 5 °C to +60 °C.  The VT range for all other probes listed is -100 °C to +100 °C.

The NMR Computation Room, LD 063, has a Sun workstation for off-line processing of data.  Use this workstations for processing and plotting of data under VNMR - our goal is to maximize the amount of time the spectrometers are busy collecting data.  Other computers in the department have various NMR processing and post-processing analysis packages installed.  Packages currently available on various computers include ANSIG, Aqua, ARIA, Atnos/Candid standalone package, AutoAssign, AZARA, CARA, CCPNMR analysis, Garant, Gifa, iNMR, Logic for Structure Determination, MARS, matNMR, MestRe-C, NMRPipe, NMRview, Olivia, ProCheck, Pronto, Sparky, SpinWorks, Spscan, and Swan-MR.  Molecular modeling software available within the department includes Quanta-2000, and Sybyl.

Scheduling NMR Time

NMR time is scheduled by request. Telephone, e-mail, or speak with the Operations Director to schedule time. We simply have never had the utilization necessary to justify setting up anything more formal than this.

To run non-routine experiments (VT or non-standard nuclei), schedule time with the NMR Center Operations Director sufficienty in advance to allow for any special instrumental setup required.

Please note that the maintenance and operations budget of the NMR Center is entirely derived from user charges. In order to continue operating, all users will be billed for NMR time used. The rates charged do reflect actual costs of operation.

NMR Information

Computer Installations Information