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WebPhysics is a network of resources for introductory physics teaching. This WebPhysics site is maintained by Prof. Andy Gavrin , Department of Physics, at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI.)

Instructional applications of World Wide Web technology are developing at a rapid pace at various institutions including IUPUI. This site will feature some of these developments and provide a forum to share experiences and resources with the physics teaching community.

Examples of Curricular Material

IUPUI is currently collaborating with the United States Air Force Academy and with Davidson College on a project entitled Just-In-Time Teaching.
For more information about the project please visit our JITT pages .

To examine the actual curricular material used in the IUPUI calculus-based introductory physics sequence please visit the Phys152/251 pages.

The WebPhysics Servers

WebPhysics Servers
For more information how to join the WebPhysics project, contact
Gregor Novak. or Wolfgang Christian.
IUPUI Maintained by Gregor Novak.
USAFA Maintained by Evelyn Patterson.
University of the Virgin Islands Maintained by David Smith.
Davidson College Maintained by Wolfgang Christian.
Rose-Hulman Maintained by Mike Moloney.
Moorhead State University Maintained by Roger Sipson.
NHTC Maintained by Doyle Davis.
Lincoln University Maintained by Mazharul Huq.
University of Indianapolis Maintained by by Steve Spicklemire.
Randolph-Macon Woman's College Maintained by by Peter Sheldon.
Mississippi State University Maintained by by Taha Mzoughi.
North Carolina A&T State University Maintained by by Aaron Titus.
University of New Orleans Maintained by by Ron Greene.

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For more information on the WebPhysics curriculum development project, contact Gregor Novak. or Wolfgang Christian.

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